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General Jewish Videos

Barney - Alef Bet
Come and learn to read Hebrew with Barney. See how easy it is to identify letters and to find them in words. You will also be able to write your name and to find phrases that will amuse you. And what is the Alef-Bet Soup? Smile and listen to the song.

Barney - Colors & Numbers
These videos are in Hebrew only and are intended for Hebrew speaking children.
Our Wonderful World : A Musical Journey through The Six Days of Creation
Our Wonderful World : A Musical Journey through The Six Days of Creation

Formats Available:
Dalik, beloved host of children’s television in Israel and puppet pal Stam join real-life kids in an exciting journey through the six days of Creation as described in the Book of Genesis. Their amazing adventure is filled with humor, stories and songs. Featuring musical arrangements of 12 passages from the Bible, the Talmud, the Sages, Our Wonderful World is a wonderful celebration of Jewish identity.

DVD features interactive menu, English and Hebrew with English Subtitles or Hebrew only, chapter selections, 12 song select-and-play, explanations and vocabulary, full screen, parent and teacher guide insert.
  • Programs that promote family values are always in demand!
  • An exciting introduction to Biblical wisdom.
  • 12 original songs for children.
  • Features the top children’s television host in Israel, Dalik Vilnitz.

    Product Description

Bundles of Joy - A Musical Celebration of the Jewish Holidays
A delightful video that pairs the world's most adorable babies with the best-loved music of the Jewish holidays! A captivating combination of irresistable visuals and unforgettable music this is great viewing for the very young - and the perfect gift for parents, grandparents, family and friends!

Product Description

Bilingual Baby, Hebrew

Shirim K'Tanim-Hebrew Song Fest
With a wink here and a jig there genial Israeli TV star Uzi Chitman takes toddlers and young children on a musical tour of over 40 of Israel's best-loved children's songs. Accompanied by a handful of Israeli boys and girls, the singer/guitarist cavorts against a backdrop of colorful, simply sketched scenes depicted in each song. Line dances and clapping games liven the action and little ones will join in the pantomime of songs like "Lakova Sheli" (My Hat Has...) or "Etsba'ot Li" (I Have Fingers). They'll also laugh at hearing their own favorites like "Old McDonald" sung with a Hebrew twist when Chitman and his chaverim (pals) visit the farm of "Dod (Uncle) Moshe." Adults can help the kids keep up with this fast-paced collection by reading the translations and transliterations that accompany most songs.

Description from Publisher

Shirim K'Tanim: More Hebrew Songs For Children

(Video #2)
I bought Hebrew Songs 2 to introduce the Hebrew language to my 8 month old. I assumed that she would only watch it with me. I was so wrong! My husband loves the upbeat songs in this video, and dances with my daughter. My daughter can't get enough of it - now at 9 months, she goes to the tv and starts to dance to let us know she wants to watch it. She loves the music, the action, and the colors in the video. Even the babysitter enjoyes playing Hebrew Songs 2 for our daughter. We are all learning Hebrew the fun way!

Hi, My nine month old daughter has been watching this tape since she was 5 months old. She loves it. My wife and I are learning Hebrew and this tape is great. The music is wonderful as is the backrounds. This is the only thing on the toob that my daughter watches, laughs and doesn't move. When she once in a while wakes at night and won't go back down, I hold her and sing the songs as we watch. I highly recommend it. Enjoy

Description from Customer Reviews

Shirim K'Tanim: Birthday and Party Songs

(Video #3)

Shirim K'Tanim: At the Zoo

(Video #4)

Shirim K'Tanim: Funny Hebrew Songs For Children

(Video #6)

Shirim K'Tanim: I Want To Be A ...

(Video #8)

The Devil's Arithmetic

Award-Winning Novel Also Available

NOTE: Not for young children!!
Executive producers Dustin Hoffman and Mimi Rogers present the truth of the Holocaust so a new generation can understand why it must never be forgotten. Kirsten Dunst plays Hannah, a modern teen more concerned with trends than history. During the traditional Passover dinner, she zones out as her relatives harp about concentration camps. But then Hannah passes through a portal to the past, where she becomes her own ancestor in Poland during the Nazi persecution of the Jews.

Director Donna Deitch provides an infinite library of Holocaust detail, re-creating the period with minute dedication. Haunting images, every costume, every hair, every light and shadow conspire to maintain a sense of desolate desperation. Suspense pervades as escapes fail and mothers with newborns are taken away. Only the magical context of the story, taken from the original children's novel by Jane Yolen, allows for a life-affirming ending. The performances may not be multifaceted but, considering the single-mindedness of the tale, the deep commitment of the actors makes every moment real and meaningful. Dunst seems able to carry a movie herself, and Brittany Murphy is mesmerizing as Hannah's sweet cousin Rivkah.

The message is powerfully direct, but the film avoids extreme violence in deference to young audiences. The theme is enshrined in the Rivkah's words: "We must stay alive to tell everyone what we've been through." Indeed, when Hannah returns to the present, she is a new woman, with a profound love of her culture and a religious respect for the value of all human life.

Description from

I recently showed this film to my 7th graders as a part of our study of the Jewish people. I wasn't sure what to expect. To be certain, Kirsten Dunst (Hannah) is popular with teens today, yet I could not guess how a film dealing with Passover Sedars, Hebrew traditions, and a war so far away from the life of modern teens would go over in my classroom.

To my surprise, the film proved to be the most riveting and attention-holding movie I can ever recall showing. In it are contained superb acting, eerie (and effective) musical interludes, and a suspense of time-travel that will hold teenagers absolutely spellbound!

Dustin Hoffman's poignant introduction reveals his passion that young people today never forget the Holocaust. As long as this film is available to be watched--they won't.

At times, the suffering of the Jews (made personal by Dunst's wonderful performance) pushes the emotional limit of what I felt my students could take. Yet, with craft and artistry, we are spared in "The Devils' Arithmetic" the emotional overload of "Schindler's List". This is as it should be. "The Devil's Arithmetic" is geared to teenagers.

If ever a theme of love, sacrifice, and the horror of hatred needed portrayal outside the realm of religion, one could not do much better than to show this film. What Hannah does for her best friend at the movie's conclusion is as gut-wrenching as it is predictable, and Nazi treatment of the Jews is brutally captured with appropriate reserve--no easy task! In the end, a young Jewish girl who began only with an interest in tattoos learns the lessons of history, tradition, and above all--life's priorities. In a nutshell, how lives and a culture can change in an instant is the strength of "The Devil's Arithmetic".

Be very sure--this film will make a powerful impact on young teens! The dropping of the gas pellets at the conclusion of the dream sequence is intense...very intense. Yet how can the holocaust be portrayed without such reality? With younger teenagers, take care that background preparation, as well as a reflective time for discussion is provided. This movie packs an emotional punch, and will leave young minds impressed forever.

Description from Customer Review

Joseph - King of Dreams (DVD)

Also Available on VHS
As the millennium turns, the crazed trend to produce direct-to-video sequels swells. Very few of these sequels are inspired, although most do not harm their origins. One might understandably pick up something labeled "from the makers of The Prince of Egypt with trepidation. Happily, the makers leave Moses alone and tell the tale of another Bible star, Joseph, known for his coat of many colors and a fantastic destiny. Joseph (voiced by Ben Affleck), his father's favorite son, is sold into slavery by his jealous half-brothers. After years of struggle, Joseph rises to be the Pharaoh's trusted adviser when his gift for interpreting dreams pays dividends. The 78-minute feature is rich in color and features several strong songs ("Better Than I" is the standout) written by newcomer John Bucchino. We're ready for the next "sequel."

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Aaron's Magic Village
On Sunday, G-d rested. On Monday, He sent intelligence, wisdom, and foolishness to the world. Unfortunately, the careless messenger carrying foolishness dropped his load upon the village of Chelm instead of sprinkling it evenly across the world. The village is indeed a town of foolish people, though they perceive themselves as very wise. A nearby evil sorcerer detests the Chelmites and is angered by their lack of respect for him and steals the Book of Marvels. The newly orphaned Aaron is the only person who can retrieve the Book of Marvels and save Chelm (and indeed the rest of the world) by destroying the sorcerer. This video is based on stories by Nobel Prize-winning author Isaac Bashevis Singer and runs approximately 80 minutes. It is skillfully animated and features a plethora of touching, powerful songs by Michel Legrand (Yentl, Summer of '42) and Sheldon Harnick (Fiddler on the Roof). While the action takes place during the days of Hanukkah and much of the story is tied to the Jewish faith, children of all religions will be held equally spellbound throughout Aaron's quest.

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Sing-Along at Bubbe's

Holidays at Bubbe's

Under the Domim Tree
(With English subtitles)

Chapter Book Also Available
This is the next chapter in Gila Almagor's coming-of-age autobiography, begun in her film, THE SUMMER OF AVIYA. UNDER THE DOMIM TREE (or crab apple tree) continues the story five years later, in the mid-1950s, in Israel. Aviya, now 15, lives in a youth village for war orphans and teenagers from troubled homes, where she and her new friends stand in as family for one another. Aviya searches for clues to the identity of her deceased father, endures the unpredictability of her emotionally unstable mother, Henya (played by Gila Almagor herself) and is pursued by Polish-born fellow teenager, Jurek, who desperately tries to win her heart. By day Aviya and her friends laugh, play and study like other teens; by night memories of their unspeakable losses return. They find refuge together under the domim (crabapple) tree, where the story finds its surprising and exhilarating climax. Filmed in a Zionism-realism style.

Description from Customer Review

School Ties

VHS Version Also Available

NOTE: Not for young children!!
Brendan Fraser plays a student attending a wealthy boarding school on a football scholarship in the 1950s. When the other kids find out he's Jewish--a fact he's been hiding--his fortunes and relationships instantly change.

Description from

In the 1950s, a Jewish student (well played by Fraser) with working-class roots wins a football scholarship to a snooty prep school, where he's victimized by anti-Semitism.

Descritpion from Leonard Malton's Movie & Video Guide

Shalom Shabbat W/Topol
This has to be the most incredible video I have ever come across. It is called "Shalom Shabbat" and has an adorable cast including Chaim Topol (the Father in Fiddler on the Roof - I love him!) and Hanny Nachmias (she is an incredible teacher and a joy to watch). Both of them have the most beautiful, inspiring voices I have ever heard. The video is about students in a school on Friday afternoon and they sing and listen to stories until they go home. The story continues there as they enjoy a traditional Jewish meal. Here you will see the great joy and delight of the Jewish Sabbath! The movie uses clay people to help illustrate the stories and will hold the delighted attention of both children and adults alike. Chaim Topol is an incredible story teller whether he is talking or singing. His song about a grandfather was absolutely touching and almost brought me to tears while the images behind him portrayed an elderly man with full beard, leaning over the Torah. His voice is incredible. I didn't want the movie to be over so when Hanny Nachmias and Chaim Topol faded in the end, I wanted them to come back and spend every Shabbos with us. And you know what? They can! All I have to do is rewind the tape. This movie was made in Jerusalem, has English dialogue and beautiful Hebrew songs. It is and worth every penny.

Description from Customer Review

An American Tail
This set of Don Bluth's two An American Tail movies are based upon the story of a young Russian mouse who is separated from his family in America (this is all in the first film) and who later heads with his reunited kin out to the American West. Both films are pleasant, though not spectacular, and they have their greatest problems in story development. Steven Spielberg produced with an eye toward creating animation hits outside of Disney, and he and Bluth certainly took a big step in that direction here. Kids like both films a lot, and adults will warm to the sound of various familiar voices, such as James Stewart performing as the creaky sheriff Wylie Burp.

Description from

An American Tail: Fievel Goes West
This sequel to An American Tail is a fine animated film full of Old West Americana; the stuff legends are made of. It is full of great characters and you may even soon forget that you are watching an animated film. The story and dialogue are that good! James Horner seems to have really come of age with this memorable score. It is as much homage to Copland as it is to the American West. This was James Stewart's last theatrical film. This is a good and entertaining family film, which expounds virtues of loyalty and honor. Highly recommended viewing!

An American Tail: Fievel Goes West is truly one of the greatest non-Disney animated films I have ever seen! Directed by Steven Spielberg, the story is simple: Fievel the curious, adorable little mouse from An American Tail, now heads out west with his family, to escape the constant violence of New York City. Everything about this film shines from start to finish, including James Horner's soundtrack, which is every bit as good as in the original film. The songs are nothing less than outstanding, especially Dreams to Dream, sung by Fievel's golden-voiced sister, Tanya, who is voiced by Cathy Cavadini. Fans of the original American Tail are bound to enjoy Fievel Goes West as well. It's a great movie for kids, or for anyone who enjoys a great animated flick! Highly recommended! (Oh, and check out the first American Tail movie as well, if you haven't already. It's just as good!

Descriptions from Customer Reviews

The Jewish Holidays Video Guide

Esther, The Girl Who Became Queen
A lonely trumpet solo and a narrator sporting a Jersey accent set a somewhat ominous, Godfather-esque stage for this stylish, 35-minute lesson about courage. But fear not: it's a VeggieTales story after all, and it soon kicks into action. Based on the Bible story of Esther, "just an ordinary girl" who becomes queen of Persia, this animated retelling tosses in the usual cup of Veggie humor to lighten the flavor of its very serious message. Esther, a young green onion, cannot understand why she has been chosen to wed King Xerxes (played by the humble pickle, Mr. Nezzer). Her cousin Mordecai (Pa Grape) assures her that G-d must have a reason; she soon discovers that her entire family's fate rests upon her ability to show courage under pressure.

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